A new job – your first day – Part 4

Smile and the world smiles with you

I’m not about to suggest you traipse around all day grinning like a lunatic but…  Never underestimate the importance of smiling!

Smile at someone and the chances are that they will smile back.  Try it.  It’s a built-in reflex that we humans have, enabling us to immediately communicate our friendly and peaceful intentions – even at a distance.  It’s such an innate behaviour that even if you sit by yourself and smile, you’ll actually feel better for it!  Again, if you don’t believe me then try it!

Start with a big smile for your new boss (without looking too smarmy…) and then keep a small smile lingering around your lips the rest of the day.  It will definitely have a positive effect on the perception that others have of you (firmly proved by psychologists) and you will even feel more positive yourself.