A new job – your first day – Part 10

Final impressions count too

So, it’s time to go home.  You’re probably pretty tired by now but in just a few short minutes you’ll be out of the building and away.  But, before you do, make sure you politely bid everyone goodnight, smile and leave with your head held high.  First impressions are important – but so are final impressions.

There’s a chance you might get asked to join a colleague or two for an after-work drink.  If you’ve got enough energy left then a drink or two with colleagues might help you to further develop a budding new relationship – but you’d probably be wise to limit it to just a couple of drinks!  You’ve had a long, hard day with so much to absorb and assimilate and you’re probably not up to capping it off with a long night out.

When you finally get home, it’s entirely normal to spend most of the evening thinking back over your first day and, no doubt, pondering on things you could have said or done differently.  But don’t beat yourself up too much; there’s no doubt that you will be more sensitive to any possible slip-ups than anyone else was.  Try to get some rest, give yourself a pat on the back – and remember that tomorrow is another day!