If you can include an Achievements section then it can really make an instant and dramatic difference to the power of your CV, enabling you to distinguish yourself from other candidates.  This is no time for false modesty.  This is a time to show what you have achieved – and to imply that you will be capable of achieving similar results in the future.

The one goal of your CV is to get you an interview and this one change to your CV will undoubtedly help to get you noticed, leading to more interview invitations.  ‘Achievements’ is a powerful and positive word and it will immediately convey a powerful and positive impression of you to the reader.

Numbers often speak more than words.  Wherever possible you should aim to qualify your statements with specific figures if you really want to maximise the impact.  Using qualifying adjectives like ‘major’, ‘substantial’ and ‘significant’ is all very well but do try to quote precise figures, percentages, etc. if at all possible.  Don’t just make a claim – back up that claim.